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I have been a student of philosophy and have taught philosophy for eight years. Mr. Stokes does and excellent job of presenting classic philosophical thinkers in temporal order. Each philosopher's ideas are presented clearly and concisely without pretense and with precision without the technical terminology that often sends most interested readers running.

Philosophy is infamously difficult, but Mr. Stokes eases the pain of this most important endeavor by giving the reader a chance to peruse grand ideas without spending time trying to decipher philosophical nonsense. The language is of utmost importance if one is to truly come to terms with these most important ideas, but for the beginner there is no better book.

I would consider using this book in an Introduction to Philosophy course taken from an either historical or analytical point of view. Both analytical and continental philosophers are included and for good reason as the philosophical path has past through both lens.

This is a great book for a "philosopher a day" read as each philosopher is given no more than a few pages allowing for interesting ideas to be followed in other readings and less interesting philosophers to be introduced without wasting time trying to decipher jargon and unintelligible ideas.

Pick it up and make it your daily morning read!

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