Politics, 4th Edition

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This was a textbook read for school, but it's probably my favorite "textbook" I've ever encountered because it's so accessible.

Lorber introduces the reader to every concept thoughtfully and tactfully, so prior knowledge of feminism or feminist history is not required. She explains in the intro things like the gendered social order and what the heck "feminist theory and politics" even means.

She covers a vast array of feminist theory, from socialist feminism to Marxist feminism to ecofeminism to transnational feminism. She writes in a way that is not at all overwhelming, and includes just enough information in each chapter to leave you feeling satisfied with an introductory overview. The graceful teacher that she is, she also includes pages of resources and references at the end of each chapter for further reading, if one feels so inclined.

I have to say that this book changed my life. It changed my way of thinking, my ability to not just consume but to actively analyze, and gave me language with which to communicate my experiences and realities with people who may not fully understand at first.

She's inclusive and intersectional, and I do highly recommend everyone read this!! You don't even have to call yourself a feminist, just give it a try. :)

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