Postcards from the Edge – Carrie Fisher

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Motherfucking goddam shit. Rest in peace Carrie, you were wonderful


Get better soon Carrie, you wonderful nutbag. Am listening to Hearts and Bones and sending thoughts and strength and health in your direction.

Category: Contemporary, General Fiction

In a stunning literary debut, Carrie Fisher chronicles the excruciatingly funny adventures of Suzanne Vale, young film star and drug addict, who survives a rehab clinic only to rejoin the equally harrowing world of Hollywood. Out there on the edge, despair flips into hilarity, and we’re left laughing as Suzanne struggles to come to terms with her various fantasylands. Carrie Fisher’s reading of her first novel evokes the deliciously irreverent humor that forms the lens through which she looks at life in the ’80s – stardom, drugs, success, sex, and insecurity.

Postcards from the Edge