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These books are wonderful. My daughters absolutely love them. All I could think when we received our copies is why didn't I have them sooner. My kids were engrossed with the books and reading about how animals hunt,what they eat and what they use as weapons. This book engrossed them for hours. My oldest was reading the descriptions to my youngest. They were even acting out some of what was in there. I loved it! They loved it! The predators and flight book even came with a wall chart that are now hanging in their room. My kids loved looking at all the different types of propellers in the Flight book. They were making sounds and using their imagination on what planes do and what they would feel like flying. I am impressed with these books. I am happy we were lucky enough to be offered the two set pack! These books are amazing and should be in every library and household around. They are full with facts,fun and great to have.

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