Principessa of Chicago (The Rocchetti Dynasty #2) by Bree Porter

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I loved it.

There is something to be said about character development across a story, but to do it across multiple books allows the reader to really understand certain events and nuances that lead to parts of the person's personality. From the first book to the second, Sophia has grown into herself and its an indulgence to watch. I find in mafia books its mostly about the man, Bree has given us a great look into the mind of a mafiosa woman. And not a meek one, a badass, I could not get enough. Even her rivalry was with her sister not another man. The two sisters on each side of the coin were a joy to watch, their relationship and their love for each other is tragic.

This one was a great look into the side characters, members of the family we didn't care for before. I love family dynamics in mafia books. Great series and absolutely cannot wait for the next one!

Thank you for the author, Bree, for giving me this ARC to review!

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