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I've wanted to be a writer since the day I learned to write, and 2010 was a good year, so I keep telling myself, "I am a writer!" I think Sage Cohen would approve. She reminds readers in her book, The Productive Writer, that what we tell ourselves matters. What others tell us matters too, and we need to work to make sure they give the right message. Then we should watch where we set our sights, as that too might make a difference to how much or well we write.

With a new year starting and new projects in the works, this was a great time for me to read The Productive Writer. I need to organize my social life on the internet. Sage Cohen has ideas for that. I need to set goals; she tells me to set them higher then praise myself for achieving less. Did you know people usually only achieve a quarter of what they aim for So aim for four times what looks achievable, and see what happens.

The book comes with wonderful poetic language that makes it an intriguing read even while it educates. It comes with honest depictions of a real life writer that makes me feel like the author's taking me seriously. And it comes with a valuable array of charts and examples that bring the impossibility of being productive down to the level of "Yes, I can."

Indeed, Sage says it's time we stopped overusing that mantra of "Just say no." Stop saying "no" to ourselves and our dreams and try saying "yes" instead.

Yes I can. I will edit my novel. It will be good enough (though never perfect). I will organize my time. I will advertize. I will communicate. I will enjoy being a productive writer in 2011. Thank you Sage.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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