Psychology 7th Edition

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If you plan on purchasing a review book for AP Psychology, buy Barron's. I highly recommend it.

This book has everything. Beautifully concise yet all-encompassing reviews for each section of psychology, a diagnostic test and two more wonderful practice tests, multiple-choice questions to practice with after each section, practice essay prompts, and the names of important individuals you need to know. I'm pretty sure that if someone went through this book and studied it thoroughly, they could score a 5 on the AP Psychology exam without even enrolling in the actual course.

Also, this is the only AP book I'm keeping, out of the five I've utilized thus far. It is just so magnificently organized and contains a wealth of useful information. I'm sure I will reference it in the future as I continue to study psychology and discuss it with my friends.

For the sake of reader awareness, I scored a 5 on the AP exam. I contribute a hefty amount of my score to this book.

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