Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking (2016)

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I am updating this review after doing keto for three months and losing 20 pounds. This is the book to start with and stick with. The food is amazing and my copy of the book is already tattered, spattered with food, and marked with eleventy zillion post its and bookmarks. I just got another of her cookbooks and it is great, but this one is still better. Moving up to 5 stars.
First review :

Read this one from cover to cover. I haven't started a ketogenic diet yet, but I'm researching. Pros of this book: there's a large section at the beginning for Keto beginners which explains the science behind this lifestyle and all the health benefits. Let's just say, I'm convinced that it would make me feel better. Other pros: the foods looks absolutely amazing. She has non dairy and vegetarian options as well as ways to scale down some of the recipes for single servings. There's also 4 great looking meal plans complete with shopping lists.

Cons: it's all quite overwhelming. I wish there was something out there that could teach me how to start smaller and ease into it. There might be, but this isn't it. This book feels very all or nothing, but it's full of great stuff all the same.

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