Rachel Vincent – My Soul to Keep

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BR with little Amy :D

The best installment of The Soul Screamers so far!!! Darker, sexier, scarier!

More Netherworld, more Avari, more demon breath. I just wish there was a little more Tod!!!!

I like Kaylee, she's an ok heroine. Not annoying, not stupid, just the right amount of naive.

If I thought Nash couldn't possibly piss me off more, I was wrong. His lies and betrayal will be difficult to forgive, I hope.

Tod... *swoon*

My right foot snagged in the hem of Sophie's dress and one hand went automatically to my ear to protect my hearing, while the other flew out in front of me to keep my face from hitting the asphalt. But before my palm could hit the ground, someone hauled me to my feet, tearing the dress with a dul thread-popping sound. Tod pulled me back, pressing me into his own chest as the creature on our right drew himself up to a terrifying height. "I'm so sorry!" I cried as Tod backed us swiftly away from the beast whose grayish cheekbones were literally sharp enough to slice the flesh from his face.

This excerpt made my heart beat just a little bit faster. I really really really hope Tod and Kaylee end up together! They're so right for each other!

And what's the deal with Alec What is he Let's hope I find out soon.

Yes! I will be reading the rest of the books!

As long as the writing continues to be great and the characters grow and stay true to themselves, I will be a fan of this series.

5 stars!

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