Rage and Ruin (The Harbinger Series) – Jennifer L. Armentrout

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"All that rage" ... "It will be your ruin."

Armentrout is a master of creating captivating stories with relatable characters and Rage and Ruin is one of her best yet! I was immediately sucked into the story and refused to leave.

"The Harbinger is finally here, and there's no stopping what is coming. Rivers will run red. End times, baby, and there's no way you can stop the Harbinger. You're going to be a part of it all."

Trinity is one of my favorite heroines from any of JLAs books. She kicks butt and her sarcastic comebacks are hilarious. And the best part about her is that she is so far from perfect. She's selfish and impulsive and I love her even more because of that.

"I was a Trueborn. And a kick-ass fighter. But I was still disabled at the end of the night. And I knew that didn't define me. It wasn't the sum of who I was. It was just a part of me."

As I suspected, we do get to know Zayne a lot better in this book. What he's really thinking and how he's actually feeling. One of my favorite parts of Zayne is that he can be an protective male, and still believe in Trinity and let her do her thing.

"You're strong, and you're a damn good warrior. I might be your Protector in some instances, but when we fight, I'm your partner."

This is the second book in the Harbinger series and it starts off immediately after the first book. It continues the story flawlessly. We see more growth in the characters and learn more about the harbinger. And this ending...omg.

"This sharing-and-caring moment makes me feel like we're a real team that can get stuff done. Like the Avengers, but more evil."

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