Rattawut Lapcharoensap – Sightseeing

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This is a really exceptional collection of short stories (well, in actuality, 6 short stories and a novella) ... and I say that as someone who doesn't generally appreciate the shorter format. Lapcharoensap has an uncanny ability to channel characters & narrators from widely varying backgrounds - from an elderly white semi-racist stroke victim (in 'Please Don't Let Me Die in This Place'), to a Thai teenage girl coping with her gambler father (in 'Cockfighter'), to a young refugee girl with gold-plated teeth (in 'Priscilla the Cambodian'). Two of these stories ('At the Café Lovely' and 'Draft Day') were loosely adapted for the very fine independent film 'How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)', which is also worth seeking out. Oddly, given his inherent talent and the praise this initial collection garnered back in 2005, the author has only published two short stories in magazines since. One hopes we'll be hearing from this talented author again very soon.

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