Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

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I don't consider myself a person who is particularly afraid of rejection. I never had a problem talking to women or cold calling people, but while reading this book I realized there are different levels of "fearlessness". While I don't mind cold calling, I am hesitant when it comes to pitching my story or speaking in front of people. In other words, we all can grow to become more fearless in different areas of our life.

Rejection Proof helped give me some practical ways to conquer some of that lingering fear of rejection while also entertaining me with Jia's incredible and inspiring story. I find myself constantly pulling lessons from the book when trying to push outside of my comfort zone. One particular instance that sticks out to me is Jia's experiences where people told him "yes". He had some of the most incredible life experiences and they never would have happened if he hadn't been brave enough to "just ask" for them.

Who is this book for
This book is not only for people who struggle with rejection but for anyone who wants to reach a higher level of fearlessness in their lives. I see men and women in sales finding this book invaluable, as well as young college graduates looking for jobs out in the world. Rejection is something we all face in our lives, so this book gives introductory level knowledge as well as very advance knowledge on how to conquer your fear of rejection.

- People looking to conquer their fear of rejection
- Sales people
- Entrepreneurs working to build a company and grow
- Artists trying to overcome resistance when bringing their work into the world
- Someone who feels like they are missing out on life because they are afraid of what people might think of them

How was it written
Jia tells stories. The book is outlined around his 100 days of rejection but really he uses the stories to illustrate amazing, life-changing lessons. I've seen this book put to work again and again in my life since reading it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Other feedback: Jia's rejection attempts are meant to "demystify rejection" or "gamify rejection". Most of his rejection attempts are meant to be funny and not taken too seriously. The whole point is to receive a rejection (as you'll read in his book). That being said, in the "real world" it might be different when we receive rejections for something we truly want. In Jia's experience he was trying to get a "no", but in my life I want to receive a yes when I ask for a new job or a raise. With that being said, it doesn't take away from any of the principles you'll learn in this book or the incredible nature of Jia's story. The purpose of Rejection Proof is to break down what rejection truly is, why we're afraid of it, and how you can overcome that fear. All of these lessons are wrapped within Jia Jiang's story of 100 days of rejection.

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