Religion as We Know It

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Jack Miles packs more insights into 100+ pages than most anyone else I can think of. I think what I so appreciate is that I feel he is actually exploring and clarifying (and describing the impossibility of ultimate clarification) rather than marshalling arguments, evidence, and historical support for a particular viewpoint. I was busy highlighting fascinating tidbits that I had somehow missed or forgotten in my reading on religion (e.g. the roots of the words paganism and heathenism), as well as the profound and poetic quotations that Miles includes (from Bertrand Russell to Marcel Proust) without ever being pretentious, and his own beautiful prose (the last paragraph is among the best I have read). The last essay has the same title as a recent Elaine Pagels book (which I also gave five stars). Guess I appreciate those writers who can incorporate the scholarly and the personal into a profoundly meaningful experience.

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