Remedy for Burnout 7 Prescriptions Doctors Use to Find Meaning in Medicine by Starla Fitch MD

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With all the pressures that come along with being a doctor in addition to all the bureaucracy and business matters, it is no wonder that practicing medicine so often ends in burnout.

After coming close to burnout herself, Dr. Starla Fitch decided that she needs to get back in touch with the reasons she got into the field in the first place. In her new book, "Remedy for Burnout", Dr. Fitch shares her own story, as well as the stories of other physicians, of what it took for them to come back from the edge and rediscover their true passion for healing.

Besides helpful, compassionate support, Dr. Fitch also provides seven prescriptions for doctors that will help them take stock of their situation and hold fast to the reasons they do what they do.

This is a wonderful book for doctors, family members of doctors and even patients!

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