Remember Me

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My First Sophie Kinsella Book
Lexie Smart. Was she or was she not Ghandi in a previous life The fun and farcical story of Lexie Smart has the heroine in this tale, Remember Me, wondering how she got to a completely different station in life between the years 2004 and 2007. She believes she's stumbled into a dream life, but soon steps into a hornet's nest of complications, including finding out she's married to a "guy she just met," Eric, who is so rigid you have to sit up straighter just reading about him. She also discovers her best mates, a colorful threesome, have grown to hate her and call her the "bitch boss from hell."

Having no basis for comparison with the author's earlier works, this was just plain an enjoyable little story about a young woman trying to piece together her life after a car accident causes her to suffer from amnesia. She can't remember the last three years of her life and the drastic changes she underwent to go from a snaggletooth bumbler to a high-styled corporate bigwig married to a millionaire. It's well written, very funny and has a clever plot that kept me turning pages at a record pace. I can see why Kinsella has so many fans and look forward to reading her Shopaholic series.

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