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:: 2019::
Someone I dearly love with diabetes was in denial; this dismissive attitude led to some disturbing medical 'events' this summer. I had recommended Dr. Fung's book last year, but the response was radio silence. I cashed in on some good-will between us [aka meddled], and bought two audio books so we both could listen. [Best $$ I've spent this year!]

Today we talked on the phone. The book was convincing, compelling and inspiring. With just three weeks of putting Dr. Fung's ideas into practice, numbers are down and my dearly loved person is feeling buoyant. I could cry. It truly is a book about hope. I want to buy ten copies and hand them out.

My own story
My fasting blood glucose on May 2018: 101.
One year later, May 2019: 85.

:: 2018 ::
For much of my adult life Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) has been my bogeyman; family medical history and personal risk factors seemed to indicate that, for me, T2D was inevitable. Now, for the first time my body is moving away from prediabetes and closer to healthy. What a relief!

An alarming litany:T2D is the leading cause of blindness.
T2D is the leading cause of kidney failure.
T2D is the leading cause of heart disease.
T2D is the leading cause of stroke.
T2D is the leading cause of amputations.
T2D is the leading cause of dementia.
T2D is the leading cause of infertility.
T2D is the leading cause of nerve damage.Whoa! Woe.

There is a fair amount of science in this accessible book, but the "Quick Start" guide/summary is only nine pages. And you can read it with the Amazon "Look Inside!" feature or with an Amazon Kindle preview.

In short, Dr. Fung's message is this: T2D is a disease entirely caused by too much sugar. Put less sugar in your body and burn off the remaining sugar. Intermittent fasting is the surest and simplest way to burn off the body's glucose. His advice goes against conventional diabetes treatment, but it makes sense. And the track record of his patients is nothing short of astonishing.

On a side note, I chuckled at Dr. Fung's similes:
Did the problem of obesity simply fade away like the morning mist on a hot summer day
Even today, most doctors cling to this unproven treatment for type 2 diabetes like chewing gum clings to a boot sole.
...successful weight loss using this approach is as rare as humility in a grizzly bear.

Or this necklace of adjectives: Was the entire obesity epidemic simply a sudden, simultaneous, coordinated, worldwide lack of willpower

This is one of those books that make you want to buy dozens of copies to give to family, friends, and strangers.

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