Robert Monroe FAR JOURNEYS

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It took me a little bit to get into this book as there was a decent amount of 'lead-in' for those who wanted more of the 'process' regarding the information given in the first book. It talked about his foundation and laboratory and various sessions undergone by his researches, and overall it was interesting in a clinical and dry kind of way.

But then... it got good. A lot of people who read this book will want to believe it (but still reserve judgement), outright disbelieve it (because it sounds so fantastical) or actually Gnow and Understand that what Robert Monrone wrote was shades of Truth. I am one of those. Any justification I can give you, a non-experiencer, about things that I have come to understand will sound just as fantastical as what Robert Monroe has written between these pages.

However, I do recommend this book for several types of people:

Anyone who follows paths of Qabbalah, Gnosticism, Hermeticism ... ought to take a look at Robert Monroe -- especially this book, FAR JOURNEYS, due to the synchronicitous subjects he touches on that that are common to all three of the above paths:

- The Green Man (hood & robe, helping you with your learning)
- Overcoming the Ego that keeps you rooted in the material
- Archons (Known as The Collectors)
- Energy Harvesting (loosh) to 'feed' the/a World/universe above ours
- A ball of energy with myriad points of experience (consciousness)
- The generation of energy caused by toil / conflict / friction
- The Garden (of Eden aka farm)
- The Someone (took a piece of himself and put it into his - creation / crop 4 ... Epinoia)
- Commerce / Law of Supply and Demand
- Commerce / Pay with your energy to experience compressed learning and repay with with your energy as you generate loosh into the system
- The WILD state / WILD ones / WILD 'rote'
- Reincarnation
- The incarnation of plant to animal to human as evolution of the soul
... and more.

Really, really worth a read if you have already dug into at least one of the above paths.

Also, for Law of One readers -- it talks about HARVEST and The EVENT and other items, such as distortion.

And for SETH readers... lot's of stuff (too much to mention), for instance refers to 'entities' as 'curls' (because of their waveform signatures), the various 'levels', OOBE, etc.

And for Matrix Theory readers -- many of the explanations / anecdotes will line up with a super-creator that is AI and that the universe itself is a simulation.

I really didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. I liked his first book, but it wasn't nearly as engrossing as this one. However, because of my own system of experience and gnosis, this book had a bigger impact on me than it might on others who are just starting out. Regardless, if you like a good adventure, I think you might still enjoy this book even if you decide to classify it as Science Fiction rather than biographical and experiential in nature.

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