Roland R. Cavanagh, Robert P

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The Six Sigma Way puts in your hand an easy-to-follow 5-step roadmap to implement Six Sigma in your organization, department or section. The roadmap starts high-level then is broken down to tools and techniques used as needed in the project.

What makes this book remarkable is the integration of Six Sigma in the overall system of the organization. Unlike many books, it does not start immediately with DMAIC, it rather starts with identifying the core processes and key customers of the business, defining customer requirements, measuring the current performance, prioritizing improvement initiatives and implementing them (which is the main play of Six Sigma), and last by expanding and integrating the Six Sigma system.

The authors tried to debunk several myths that haunted Six Sigma system. They emphasize the applicability of Six Sigma in service industries even more than in manufacturing. They tried to dispel fears about heavy statistics in Six Sigma projects. And they showed how tools and techniques should be used only when needed and where feasible and useful throughout the project life cycle.

Although it was not explicitly mentioned in the book, authors integrated Lean concepts with Six Sigma. Mapping the process and classifying each step as value-adding, non-value-adding, or enabler is a key concept in Lean to get rid of wastes (Lean) ahead of variation reduction (Six Sigma). Besides, sustaining a solution in the Control phase by standardizing procedures and using mistake-proofing techniques is all about Lean.

In support of the 5-step roadmap the book contains checklists for each of the DMAIC phases. One can use these checklists as gateway checks to move to the next phase. Dedicated sections for Advanced Tools in Six Sigma and for Glossary are a great help for both novice and experienced Six Sigma practitioners.

The bottom line, I highly recommend this book for any Six Sigma professional as a reference and as a training material for Six Sigma newbies.

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