Roosevelt and the Holocaust How FDR Saved the Jews and Brought Hope to a Nation by Robert L

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We know too little, we do too little, we ignore too much.

I'm 74. I'm not Jewish. But, I've been aware for decades of Man's capacity for great evil acted out in the name of good. Anti Semitism has been with us since the Gospel of John, the advent of the Holy Roman Empire, the writing of the Koran and Islam's Hadith's, the writings of Luther to burn all Synagogues to the ground, Hitler's black immorality and today's war against the State of Israel.

Out of 7,000,000,000+ humans, there are 14 million Jews. Why must they live in fear With all else there is to do to advance humanity, solve large problems and enjoy all that life can offer, why are so many people so dedicated to the furtherance of the idea of the Final Solution

Mr. Beir cannot answer those questions. But he can artfully ask them and historically describe the insufferable horror millions of Jews have experienced and the shredding of human morality in prosecuting that end.

If you choose to read this extremely well written book, you'll know far more than you did even if you think yourself informed. And, you'll come across a handful of extra ordinary people whose actions were heroic. You'll also find those, too many, who either stood idly by or implicitly supported the deaths of Germany's enemies.

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