Samantha Young – On Dublin Street 6.5 – One King’s Way

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PERFECT last novella from this amazing series.
I was a little disappointed with the last 3 books if I remember correctly - but this one was really adorable again!
The story takes place during the first 1.5 books in the series - Braden and Joss and Adam & Ellie are together, but not yet married.
I love that both Craig and Rain are not related to them all and that it doesn't take place in the now-time - there would've been waaaay too much mention of all the offspring and whatnots

ONE KING'S WAY was a really adorable and sexy and funny novella!
I loved it!!!!!

(PS - some readers might be disappointed that this 'Last' book in the series is not a bit longer and doesn't include more characters from the other books - BUT this is NOT the last book in the series - the last book was the last book - this is just a tiny little pre-Christmas gift for the fans from Sam!!!)

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