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This is INSANE. I love it.

Seriously, this is in the top 5 audiobooks I've ever listened to.


First of all, it's read by Eddie Redmayne who played Newt Scamander in the movie.

He read the more recent version (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Illustrated Edition) so it really felt like "the author" was reading us a copy of his personal book - simply fabulous!

(Aside: could you imagine getting Emma, Rupert and Daniel to read their parts from the original That would be just too awesome)

Second of all, Every animal came with side effects. And we're not just talking about an unicorn whinny or a dragon roar.

If a creature lived in the jungle - there's monkeys chattering and trees rustling.

If the creature hatches from an egg - there will be eggs cracking in the background.

There's one creature that does not make a sound until its death - and we actually hear the cacophony of noise.

This was such a quick read (only 2 hours) but it was SO much fun. I always love it when the audiobook creator put forth so much effort into a book.

This really felt like a whole new way to experience this book!

LOVED it!! (I mentioned that already...didn't I Oh well, I double-loved this one!)

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