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Do yourself a favor. Next time instead of a lunch break, go to the bookstore and find this book. Simply go through each chapter and at the end of most chapters, there are a list of bullet points that summarize the chapter's ideas.

There are 50 some chapters, but not every chapter has a bullet point list and not ever chapter is applicable (e.g., negotiation methods of Americans). I can't imagine this taking more than 45 minutes to finish.

but... if you have the real time and desire to read this book, READ IT!

Dawson beautifully breaks down the psychology of negotiation, from gambits to their counters (and sometimes counter-counters). Each chapter is clearly written, with a simple structure where the first line of each paragraph is usually the topic sentence. Most chapters end with bullet points. Points are related, so the information gets massaged into your brain repeatedly and in a linked manner.

I recommend this book as much as '4-hour work week.' Yes, it's that good.

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