secrets of the millionaire mind

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I seriously loved this book. If you liked "Think and Grow Rich" or "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", you probably will too.

Let's get past what might bother some people:
-there's a good bit of promotion for Eker's seminars.
-there is a very black and white view of people (rich and poor). To be fair, though, Eker points out this himself, explains that he is using it as an illustrating tool, and (some people miss this) tries to help the reader understand that he is not talking about rich/poor people but rich-poor MINDSETS.
-every chapter ends with affirmations.....I know that bugs some.

Amazing analysis of how people think, how those thoughts help/sabotage you, and how to change your thought patterns. My husband and I both read it and found ourselves doing some major self-discovery. This book has a financial focus, but I honestly feel like the tools here could be used toward any area that you want to self-improve. If you can get past some of the new-age stuff (it doesn't bother me), it's worth a look. When I finished reading it, I found myself so excited that I wanted to run out and buy it for friends/family, but....nothing offends people like handing them a book on finances or self-help!

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