Service A Navy SEAL at War

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I was so emotionally moved by this book...I found myself tearing up many a time, sometimes even sobbing trying to read through tears running down my face. The strongest emotions this book evoked in me are as follows:

1) I felt enormous amounts of pride, love and gratitude for the men and women who serve this country in our amazing military! The training they endure, the beating their bodies take, the undying support of their families, their humility amidst their courageous actions and the paltry pay they receive in return make them truly heroes to me. Marcus celebrated not just the Navy SEAL teams in this book, but all military branches throughout the past several generations in different wars around the world.

2) I was so moved by the goodness and greatness of the human spirit. Most of the books that truly move me have this theme...there is true greatness walking among us here on this earth...from the small acts of kindness to the huge acts of heroism. From the ones celebrated with medals and awards to the quiet acts of love unseen by others.

The way these soldiers cared for each other, rescuing their "brothers" wounded or dead from impossible circumstances heedless of the danger involved in rescuing them. Risking their lives if only to bring home their bodies for an honorable burial. True acts of heroism in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds are recounted in this book and left me awestruck...truly God must watch over these men and women.

In one account of a Navy SEAL being grievously wounded, his "brothers" took shifts staying at the hospital with him taking care of his every need. Another with grievous wounds had his "brothers" literally move in and teach him how to speak again and learn to live without a leg...and they did this all while keeping up with their platoon duties. When a SEAL was deployed overseas leaving a pregnant wife at home, his "brothers" cared for her, took her to dinner, cleaned her house and made sure she had all the support she needed. When a SEAL was killed in action, his "brothers" watched over his widow. I have never heard of a closer knit, more loyal community than this.

Gulab, the Afghani tribal leader who saved Marcus' life and protected him at great risk to himself and his family when the Taliban were trying to kill him. This leader walked many miles to a U.S. base to get help extracting Marcus out of his mountain village. They cared for this American soldier as if he were one of his own. As a rescue team went back to recover a body of one of the other SEAL team members, another Afghani village had buried his body to keep the Taliban from taking it and desecrating it, keeping it safe until his "brothers" came to take him home as they knew they would.

Also the good people in Iraq who helped our military, who were caught between a rock and a hard place. Every terrorist organization from around the globe came into Iraq, threatening the people not to cooperate with the allied forces, but most did so anyway because they were good people who just wanted to live their lives free of tyranny and evil. These people suffered horrible things at the hands of the terrorists but were courageous for the greater good of their people and freedom.

This is the longest review I've ever written, but two more things need to be said:

Marcus also calls attention to the fact that the story the media puts out in this country is so often incorrect, skewed by political bias. When they were making incredible strides in Ramadi, the press was calling U.S. forces ineffectual there. He expressed the frustration of those hardworking sacrificing soldiers hearing that kind of propaganda.

On a lighter note (sort of), he tells a story that happened in the U.S. when our country's most prolific sniper was held up at gunpoint at a gas station. Two men with pistols demanded he give them his truck. In ten seconds it was all over, he told them he was going to retrieve his keys, grabbed his Colt 1911, swung it under his armpit and shot each of them in the chest. Guess those guys picked the wrong guy to rob that night...a Navy SEAL is not your best bet. I find it a little amusing.

Obviously, I can't recommend this book highly enough!

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