Sex Magnetism

Sexual energy is the essence of vitality – and what you can do with it may be yet beyond your wildest imagination. People who have an abundance of sexual energy have not only greater sexual appeal, but also a greater appetite for life, greater confidence. They find it easier to get what they desire in life because they become naturally magnetic and people like to be around them. Around some intensely sexually magnetic people you can almost feel electric sparks and you’d just love to share those fireworks.

Sex Magnetism CD 01 - Develop Sexually Magnetic Personality

Sex Magnetism CD 02 - Generate Sexually Magnetic Energy

Sex Magnetism CD 03 - Project Sexual Attractive Energy

Sex Magnetism CD 04 -Sexual Direct Flash Technique

Sex Magnetism CD 05 - Sexual Body Language And Sexual Rapport

Sex Magnetism CD 06 - Sexual Hypnotic Seduction Language

Sex Magnetism CD 07 - Subliminal Programming

Sex Magnetism CD 08 - Supraliminal Plus Session