Shari Lapena – A Stranger in the House

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I literally could not stop reading or thinking about reading this book! I loved the frantic tone that gave me the feeling of being on edge and the super quick pace. Never a boring moment. I carried this book around with me just in case I had a few minutes to get a few pages in!

Tom and Karen have a picture perfect life. The are newlyweds with a beautiful home and Tom is a successful accountant. That is until Karen's accident, she has crashed her car into a pole and has no idea why she was frantically speeding through a seedy neighborhood! She is taken to the hospital and now has a concussion and can't remember what or why she was there. The police have questions for her. Hmm.....

"If someone has to go to jail--well, that's the way the cookie crumbles." What!!

Karen is a very detailed person and while she is home recuperating from her injuries, she begins to notice things in her home are misplaced. She knows she didn't leave a glass on the counter. She would never have left her stopper off her perfume and one afternoon she sees the outline of a body on top of her bed. Has someone been laying in her bed!!

Twists galore and some fast turning of pages. I always wanted to get back to reading this one! Lots of fun, quick read, highly entertaining! But that is just my opinion! Loved it!

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