Signs of Hope Deafhearing Family Life

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"It's not sorrow that my child is deaf
It's sorrow at the world I live in"

This book contains the very poignant stories of 3 deafhearing families as they engaged in a process of narrative enquiry with the researcher. These are parents who have deliberately chosen to use British Sign Language within their family, with their deaf and hearing children, and create a bilingual home. They are well-informed, highly critical, very open-minded, and very stubborn. They challenge mainstream perspectives on deafness, being deaf, being a hearing or deaf parent of a deaf child, they scrutinize discourses of normalization, medicalization, and don't let themselves being patronized by the many professionals who 'deal' with deaf children they encounter.

For me it was a relief to find out such parents do exist, that they are out there, that they are willing to engage in the battle that inevitably follows when parents decide to take the alternative path. And that this book enables their stories to be heard. At the same time it reminds me of the fact that most parents of deaf children don't have either the (financial) resources, time, knowledge, stubbornness, and all the other things it takes to explore alternatives to the (mere) medical intervention they are served up with. I hope they, and all the future parents of deaf children, will get a chance to read this book too.

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