Silence of the Girls

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sometimes it feels as if my hearts only purpose is to beat for greek mythology and this book is a gift, straight from zeus himself, to give me life.

this retelling of the trojan war is, simply put, stunning. whilst classic myths tell about the glory and conquests of men, this focuses on the quiet and unassuming presence of women. elegantly written from the point of briseis, the reader is given a unique perspective that is often overlooked.

'we are going to survive - our songs, our stories. theyll never be able to forget us. decades after the last man who fought at troy is dead, their sons will remember the songs their trojan mothers sang to them. we will be in their dreams - and in their worst nightmares, too.'
(however, it is worth noting that although the title and this quote suggest otherwise, briseis is the only female point of view in this. and while that didnt lessen my reading experience, i know it might disappoint other readers, as the story doesnt quite live up to the feminist view that it promises.)

what really made me fall in love with this is how complex achilles is portrayed and how his relationship with briseis develops from the moment she is captured as a spoil of war, to the end of the ten year conflict, and all the deaths in between.

and although the achilles and briseis in this retelling arent quite my achilles and brisies ('the song of achilles' is my sworn gospel truth concerning all things trojan war), the character differences didnt lessen this story in the slightest. its still very faithful to the work of homer, but lends a modern feel to a timeless classic.

i really enjoyed this and i know any fan of the trojan war will be pleased with this, as well.

4.5 stars

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