So Many Ways to Begin

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Thanks to Goodreads friend Laura K., I was able to read this book now. She sent me a copy for my own when I found out that I couldn't borrow this book from the library, and so we were able to do a buddy read, and I love doing buddy reads with her.

This is a perfect book for a buddy or group or book club read. It's a great discussion book.

Laura and I read mostly in sync and it was a great experience, and it also helped me read it, though the book was so good I doubt I'd have had any problems reading through it, and I enjoyed reading slowly and savoring it.

Beautifully written and masterfully told the way events and relationships unfolded. There is a wonderful use of chapter titles and use of objects. I appreciated the mostly very short chapters.

My emotions really came out. Much in the book is heartbreakingly sad but I felt a gamut of emotions.

I think this book can be enjoyed by most readers, but it might be of particular interest for those readers on all sides of adoptions: people who've been adopted, adoptive parents, birth parents, siblings and all family members who've experienced the impact of adoption, especially the closed adoptions that were way too common in the past. Also recommended for those who've experienced (personally or in their families) mental health issues and life challenges. This is a great family story and so much over so much time is told in relatively few pages with relatively few words.

The ending/resolution is brilliant, so smart that for me it was breathtaking, and so true to real life; the entire story was. I loved it!

I looked up Fanad and other places in Ireland, places in Scotland, places in England. I wanted to know more and more as I read, not just about the characters and their stories but also about the times and places in which they lived.

Superb book! This is my first book by this author. I want to read his other three already published novels and also maybe his book of short stories, and I hope that he continues to write more books. He has a way of making something special out of the most mundane things in life.

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