So You Think You Can Spell – Killer Quizzes for the Incurably Competitive and Overly Confident

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Good grief. I enter and pronounce at spelling bees and have seen many manuals and cute little test books. For just about all of them, I've chuckled and said, "Oh, fie! I know the difference between "-able" and "-ible." So when someone told me to get this book, I did so, my nose in the air.

Ah, how the mighty fall! That nose fell quickly out of joint, and I am now in the process of realizing that, while I'm no slouch orthographically speaking, I'm not a know-it-all. The book is roughly 200 pages of tests, not counting the answers and essays on the history of our language and why 'nuff sed may be easy to spell, but it's not accurate if you follow etymological bloodlines. All the quizzes have a theme regarding a quirk or "rule" of spelling, which is not stated and which you don't know until you complete the test and check your answers. You'll learn a lot, from biological or medical words like "anopheles" (look it up) to those pesky double letters in Italian cognates (I keep forgetting the number of p's, r's, and z's in paparrazzi."

If you love to spell, get this book. I can auger--er--augur that you'll find it valuable.

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