Sophie Kinsella – Shopaholic to the Stars

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Am I the only one that is really excited about this book I mean, I know it'a a lot, but 'Mini Shopaholic' kind of came to an end that needed another book to proceed it, but it really is matter of opinion. Personally, I am looking SO forward to this book, you don't understand. I remember when I checked on various sites beforehand and they all said 'maybe' or 'no' to the 7th book... and here it is! I really like long series of books, maybe because I get to relish the joy of reading it longer lol

Gosh, you might think I am crazy, but I want an 8th book to come out already >.< I hope this isn't the last one :( And if it is, it better be a good finish. I guess we all just have to read it and see how good it is :D

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