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Her mother disappeared only months before, leaving Lali to become the backbone of her floundering family. When most teens have visions of new cars and parties for their sixteenth birthday, all Lali wanted was her mother and answers to why she is seeing things and finding herself transported to different "realities," or at least to find out if she is going crazy. There is the man she keeps seeing, and the teen who has just enrolled in her school and a world that is terrifying her. Her father has enough on his plate and he doesn't believe her anyway.

When the new boy, Kai has answers for her about her gift for astral projection, he dangles them from his superior attitude by offering a deal, she can help find his sister and he will help find her mother and tell her all about her new powers. Will they become unlikely allies or will Lali discover that Kai has been using her for his own benefit, treating her like a mushroom or a starving dog begging for crumbs of information about her mother

Laws have been broken in a world far beyond human knowing and in that world, Lali is a half-breed, making her powers unique and her existence tenuous, yet it is her very power that makes her the best person to save Kai's sister. What about her mother Has Kai been keeping something from her Something is not adding up and Lali is determined to get to the bottom of it all, and find her mother. Is she sure of whom she can trust How can Kai both repel her and draw her in Are they developing a love-hate relationship The world is full of dishonesty and Lali has placed her bet on trusting Kailike him or not, he is her only hope at finding her motherLali is about to find more than she bargained for as she enters a race for survival and no one gave her the rules.

K.J. Pike's XODUS has a determined teen in distress making some dangerous moves all in the name of love and family. Follow Lali's tale, pay attention to Kai's motives, gasp at the shocking truths revealed and puzzle out WHY these events happened, then ask yourself, what would you do in their situation Great characters, some dark, some mysterious, some with their hearts on their sleeve and some you would love to open a can of whoop-a** on. Twisted plotting, non-stop action, high conflict and some teen angst, but through it all, Lali becomes a force to be reckoned with. Great writing, Ms. Pike!

I received this copy from K.J. McPike in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Astralis - Book 1
Publisher: Terracotta Rose Publishing in association with Fuzzy Hedgehog Press (September 19, 2015)
Publication Date: September 19, 2015
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 390 pages
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