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Fever by Mary Kay Andrews (Summer Rental)

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This is a book about second chances It is about when life hands us a 'do-over' do we have the depth of character and maturity to take a chance on getting things right the second time around. It is about Mason's integrity and his abiding love of a family business that will keep a town from going under. It is about Annajanes ability to love and trust someone that she has a few doubts about.

Annajane and Mason have just such a chance when Mason's marriage to his new fiancé is interrupted by his little girl Sophie having a hot appendix and being rushed to the hospital. You see, Annajane and Mason were once married, but they didn't quite make it. Now Mason is getting married to someone who is most definitely NOT the one he was destined to be with the rest of his life. Annajane is engaged to a musician now, but even though Mason is her ex-husband, she has been invited to his wedding to Celia.

One of the main issues this story deals with is the Bayless's family business Quixie soda, a regional product, and the possibility that the family company will be taken over by a much larger company. There is more to it but I don't want to ruin the story for you.

After the somewhat slightly lackluster release of last year's "Summer Rental", this book was just such a pleasant surprise. I was worried that Ms. Andrews would keep on with the notion that those of us who like Southern chick lit would be appeased with another book like "Summer Rental"
What she gave us with "Spring Fever" is one of the most delightful, witty, charming stories I have read in ages. The characters are so well defined that you could swear you've met them before or at least people just like them. Everyone knows a couple that was just perfect for each other, but too stubborn to realize it themselves. I'm sure everyone has known a back-stabbing SOB like Celia is or a money-obsessed person like Mason's brother. And this is just one of the things that makes this novel such a delight to read. The descriptions of the area, the factory, and the secondary characters are all richly written and 100% believable. The dialogue is believable and so is the story. The ease of reading this novel was truly pleasant for me.

This will defiantly be a book I will read repeatedly every springtime.

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