stay hungry stay foolish

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A Must-Read for all the dreamers and young entrepreneurs in India.

Those small 25 stories inspires you to go straight on the path, whether you are starting from a scratch or managing a second generation enterprise. These twenty five gurus tell how many stumbles they've had on their way, the challenges they faced and the market-falls they saw. Today all of them hold multi-crore empires. Of course, they also had to decide one choice among their family or business.

However there are a few factors which may upset most young entrepreneurs:
1. All of the listed entrepreneurs are IIM graduates
2. Most of them had highly paying jobs before they started
3. They were present at right place at the right time

Besides, there are little secrets that each one of the 25 have shared in the book. Whether it makes you an entrepreneur or not, I'd recommend this book to everyone who dreams.

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