Stealing Home

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Cal Maddox - swoon worthy hero
Maddie Townsend - great heroine
Bill - ex cheater scumbag
Dana Sue and Helen Decatur - best friends
It's very complicated when a 20-year marriage ends because her husband got a younger woman and she is already pregnant by him.
Our heroine is discarded like yesterday's trash and the husband gets angry because the 3 children do not accept the new woman. Nothing more cliché than the doctor having an affair with one of his nurses and that she idolises him. He didn't think about family or children, only he was delighted with the new woman and with the hot sex between them.
Our heroine is devastated and the children get upset and disgusted with the cold attitude of their father.
With the support of the best friends and her mother slowly she will coming out of depression and coming back to life.
She needs to be strong because of the children and also for yourself. She helped her husband build his career and always helped him at all. Now she was alone and having to fend for herself while he started a new family with another woman.
In the midst of all problems she met a wonderful man and he helps her in the difficult moments and opens up new possibilities in her life.
I love it when the heroine does not accept the cheater back and begins a relationship with a guy much better and younger. He is former baseball player and the new coach at her kids ' school.
I enjoyed the story and vision about life in a city where everyone has an opinion on everything and also about the lives of others.
Each resident has an opinion and defend one side of the story. Prejudice and chauvinism also appears in the story.

(view spoiler)[.The ex-husband cheater gets screwed at the end! (hide spoiler)].

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