Stephanie Thornton – The Conqueror’s Wife

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Engrossing historical fiction that raises the voices of women from their historical footnotes into the limeligh. In historical fiction, Stephanie Thornton is gifted with the Midas touch because all her books are pure gold. The Conqueror's Wife earns a coveted 5 star rating for its ability to keep me glued to my chair for the last three hours. Unsurprisingly, this happens every single time I have read a Thornton novel(The Secret History, Daughter of the Gods, The Tiger Queens) and all I can say is "People, you have reading to do!"

Honestly, Alexander the Great has never really held any appeal for me( and that Colin Farell movie didn't help) but this book was like Gladiator +Spartacus( the television show not the Kirk Douglas movie) + Game of Thrones. At times, it's an absolute bloodbath and the men and women are ruthless. I wish I could be one of those people who is already hyped up about all those upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movies but I really enjoyed all the treachery, poisonings, and the vengeful nature of many of the characters. Never fear, I am due for a good Nora Robert's sugary cleanse that will drive it all out of my system.

Now Thessalonike, Roxanna, and Drypetis were all fantastically written characters and drove this novel from beginning to end, but Hephaestion will always have a place in my heart. I loved ST's take on Alexander 's right hand man and I definitely believe other readers will too.

So if you like historical fiction, look no further than a Stephanie Thornton novel!

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