Stephen Coonts – The Art of War

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Coonts hit this one out of the Ballpark!!! What a Thrilling game of Cat & Mouse!!!

The Art of War is the first novel I've read by Stephen Coonts and I wish I would have picked up one of his novels earlier in my reading adventures. I've seen Coonts' name, but never picked up the name from friends that read. I do have the luxury of now going back and reading from the start.

The novel was quick and very entertaining; I didn't want to put the novel down. The characters of Friend & Foe were masterfully woven together to create a HIT (High Impact Thriller). What good novel doesn't have a little humor placed just at the right moment With the intense Cat & Mouse action between the U.S.A and China, the humor just added to my enjoyment in reading this novel.

Mr. Coonts Awesome Job!!!

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