Still Me – Jojo Moyes

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So, Hallelujah! I finally finished this book, I've been so busy lately and had so little time left for reading but I did it!

Do I think we needed a third book Honestly, no. Am I glad we go a third book ABSOLUTELY.

Louisa Clark is a character that will probably stay with you forever, I mean Hell, I still think about Me Before You till this day and I never regret going into this series, I love it! I'm always delighted to know about her and her life, it's like going on an adventure to be honest, it's an amazing experience.

So in this book we learn about the next stage in Louisa's new life, New York. We learn in the second book about her new job as a personal assistant and we get to explore it in this book, so you can imagine how life must be for her, English woman living alone in New York, away from her boyfriend Sam, with no relatives whatsoever except for Nathan who seems to have built a life for himself there so she can't exactly rely on him. The story follows her life there as an immigrant struggling to meet ends for her employer while also trying to cope with the changes in her life following Will's words;

"You're going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone."

Following a new series of events Lou finds herself facing other challenges trying to make something out of herself and not just the plain Louisa Clark from Stortfold.

"I think at some point, dear, you're going to have to work out who Louisa Clark really is."

I loved that part, especially. It was nice seeing her embracing her real identity and staying true to herself. What's even more exciting was seeing Sam stands by her side all this time, I was obsessed with the letters!

Overall, I think this book was really a nice addition and it makes up for the second book, I was hooked from the start and it gave Lou's story a nice closure and the happy ending she totally DESERVES!

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