Stillness Is the Key – Ryan Holiday

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"Stillness is the Key" is Ryan Holiday's most concise, to the point and important work. I say after having read all his previous books and being a long-time reader. Stillness is the Key found me in a particular time of my life, - and the same will apply to many others, I believe -, in which there's very little time to pause, sit still and consider my life.

I will be honest and say that there's nothing particularly new in "Stillness is the Key", but how many new books with new ideas are there around The magic in Ryan's work is that he mentions concepts widely known in a way that actually makes you think about them. I am a compulsive reader and it is hard for a book to stop me in my tracks. But with this book, it happened a couple of times And that's what matters because the book goes in a meta journey in which the reader actually becomes calmer, more still and aware.

The concepts go from the simple actions of just being still, to finding hobbies that make you be in the present moment and the joy of building things with your own hands. This is an antidote to an age in which we are interrupted every 5 minutes, not only in our professional lives but in our personal lives as well. We take a serious and non-still approach to relax and being still.

This book is important for this day and age because it will question your life, your daily routine, and your thinking patterns. Of all of Ryan's work, this is the one who grabbed me the most and is exceptionally well written. I finished the book knowing that I will have to get back to it in a few weeks, so I can actually consider every chapter and take those lessons from the book to my life.
Highly recommended.

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