Storyville! An Illustrated Guide to Writing Fiction

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John Dufresne's newest book: Storyville! is an illustrated guide to demystifying writing! It's for the newbie for sure, but also for old seasoned writers like me who met John back in 1991 when he became my mentor! As soon as I got the book in my hands I went to p. 122 PLOT I read to p. 135 BEGINNINGS, and lo & behold--kazam! magic! Like all of Dufresne's books on writing this one held the wondrous key I'd been searching for in writing my new WIP! So even though I do the skipping around to see what I want to read about first and foremost, and this is the kind of book that allows you to do so--YES, I read everything this fabulous author/professor has to say on writing. While the book is educational, it is a also a joy-- original, funny, delightful, witty, charming, and it's especially enhanced by the illustrations of Evan Wondolowski! If you're a writer, even if you only dabble a bit, you owe it to yourself to buy this book! Super congrats on writing a fantastic guide to help authors attain literary greatness!

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