Stranger Than Fanfiction – Chris Colfer

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The first half of this book is hilarious. I literally burst into laughter at several different points, causing people to look at me funny. Colfer's snark and sarcasm is used to great effect to illustrate the absurdities of Hollywood, celebrity, and interaction with people who recognize you.

The second half turns more serious and becomes very emotional. Cash gives good advice to the kids for the many struggles they're going through in their own lives. The twist at the end, I saw it coming but it was still very effective. The writing, and the excellent characters, and the way I saw myself reflected in the book, made me care. A lot.

Reading this book, you can tell that Colfer really understands his fans and really cares about them. He doesn't lump all fans into the same category. He recognizes many types of fan interest and fan behavior and treats them differently. Most importantly, he understands that fan behavior arises out of love -- for the show, for the character, and for the celebrity himself -- and he honors that love. He points out bad fan behavior here and there, but he recognizes that it's a minority of fans and he doesn't make it the focus of the story.

The bottom line is that I love this book. It's a fairy tale set in the real world, with Cash Carter providing several forms of wish fulfillment about us mortals and our relationship with the celebrities we adore -- getting to meet them, getting to know them, getting to be someone special to the celebrity, getting a solve-my-life-problem-free card. And he manages to make the fairy tale look and feel realistic, with true insights into his life and our lives along the way.

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