Street Photography

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Everyone interested in Street photography will have his book shortlist that likely will be topped by Robert Frank's The Americans and contain this or that by Cartier-Bresson, but if you want to look beyond the uncropped, black and white and film dogmas of the Street 'purists', this is it. Street photography is still alive, and very much 'now', and this book shows it. As such it can be a great inspiration, especially when you've got tired and demotivated by the countless online discussions what is (or what shouldn't be) Street photography.
From each included photographer a number of works is shown, which is an instructive choice by itself. The photographers range from well-known people like Martin Parr or Alex Webb to lesser known shooters from all over the world. The well-written text places Street photography and the individual photographers in context, and quotes the photographers for their motives, vision and general way of working. It doesn't bother with technical details like focusing, shutter time etc., and I think the book is all the better for that. There are plenty of magazines and websites to get that kind of general photographic knowledge. The information that is given is thought-provoking and has its feet firmly on the pavement or the dirt anyway - no art critic mumbo-jumbo here.
If Robert Frank is everybody's number one, this could be everyone's closing number on the list.

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