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Total awesomeness!

This book and the included test (be sure to buy a new copy) inspired me for months. Finding out my top 5 strengths made who I am make so much more sense. I love their approach of focusing on what you are "designed" to do, rather than trying to shore up your weaknesses. They have specific suggestions for each strength which includes which kinds of folks you should pair up with and how others will react to your strength. For instance my top one is "Ideation" - a love for and facility with ideas - and it suggests that some folks might not follow my leaping train of thought so I'll need to connect the dots for them. That's good to remember.

I love the whole mindset of it - it's a way to celebrate diversity and understand that we all have different strengths and we need to work together so we can benefit from things we don't have and vice versa. A great model for teamwork and for managers.

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