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As an engineer, I like knowing how something works before trying it. So when I wanted to get "fit" I embarked on a internet-wide search for the best resources online. This book was overwhelmingly recommended by many people through many different and diverse internet forums. With such endorsements I HAD to buy it. Now, if you heed the people in any gym, they will tell you that learning to lift weights with a book is useless and you shouldn't do it. Well you MUST buy and read this book.

Mark Rippetoe is not only an expert in the biomechanics that involve each of the exercises described in these book, but he is a magnificent instructor. This is a big difference, as the best coaches are not probably the best athletes themselves, but the best communicators. Rippetoe speaks with the accuracy and efficiency of someone who has been successfully getting people strong with perfect technique with some of the most complete exercises for many decades. The squat is taught in glorious detail since it's the cornerstone of any decent lifting program. The bench press is also given attention since it's a much more known workout and as such, one that is always bastardized. The should press is also present here as is the Deadlift, a workout much feared by gym-goers who would rather look good at the place than working out some real hard sweat. Also present is the Power Clean, a wonderful exercise for athletes and other lesser ancilliary exercises like chin ups, dips, barbell rows, warm ups and dynamic stretches. Rippetoe obviously has a sometihng to say about equipment ("If your gym does not provide bumper plates, it is time to find another gym.") and even provides instructions on how to build your own gym-at-home without buying fancy machines that are ultimately useless.

No word in this book is filler and no instruction has gone untested. This is not a "Encyclopedia" or "catalog" of workouts that one can do willy-nilly in the gym. Rippetoe uses a very wholesome approach to exercise, claiming that without strength, there is nothing and that life of the mind without a healthy body is useless, which I agree. As such, his approach is not that of bodybuilding but that of strength, which is a terribly useful resource to have in everyday life, even in modern times.

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