sucks to be Me Kristen Painter

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Sucks to be Me by Kristen Painter

Paranormal women's fiction (PWF) Slightly older female protagonist. Launch of series by different authors. Clean. Mafia and vampire related deaths.

Belladonna is relieved when she gets the news that her mafia connected husband has been killed in a car accident. It's finally her chance to get away from "the family". Being forced to do her husbands last drop-off, she makes a stop at the cemetery to yell at her husbands grave. When she is unexpectedly knocked over, and bitten, the world takes on a completely different set of problems moving from mafia connections to vampire and blood hunger.
She didn't ask for this change, but she is going to master it nonetheless.

Donna is middle aged, late 40's and is ready to take charge. She's brave enough to talk to the FBI, and stand up for what's right. I admired her tenacity and strength of character standing up for herself against the threat of both the mafia and the vampire governor of New Jersey. Her life experience comes into play making her a leader and pillar of good.
There is no romance here other than a hint of what may happen in future books. If this world continues. If it does, I'm all in.

My only complaint is that Donna changes from a size 8 to a size 4 overnight because of her change to vampire. Is that a good message

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