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Chittick is brilliant. I have not, until now, read an introduction on Sufism that was appropriate for both my enthusiasm and ignorance of the topic. Sufism is something to be felt, which explains why so many Sufi writings are in the form of prose and poetry. But there is something to be said for wanting to understand a little bit about the journey before embarking on it. In my experience, books that have attempted to describe Sufism have left me wanting. But enter Dr. Chittick. He is a teacher who knows his audience and what/how to communicate to the novice. For me, he has produced a manageable text that cracks the door open to allow a slight glimpse of the lights and veils he so often discusses in his book. It's a text to be read over, and combined with Ibn Ata'Illah's "Book of Wisdom," provides a starting point for any wayfarer hoping to make sense of the world (within and without).

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