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This is a really gutsy and encouraging book and a real call to arms for those of us who would rather hide in the stationery cupboard to get out and share our message via public speaking. Everyone, she says, has a message and, who knows, yours could have the potential to change someone's life. On that basis, not sharing it would be rather selfish.

Her various superheroes illustrate that there are many different types of public speakers and that there is not one right way to do it. In fact, different presentations often require different styles.
What is important is the authenticity of the message and being able to connect with the audience to convince them that you are speaking from the heart.

Public speaking skills are broken down into components such as authenticity and engagement in separate chapters, each of which is chock-full of helpful and motivating words for expert speakers in their field and contains lots of exercises to get you thinking.

Lots of Spence's advice reaches further than public speaking and her exercises could equally be used for personal or career-related goal setting because they are designed to help you learn about yourself - so that you can get clear on the message you want to share.

If you have to give a speech, whether at a wedding, the local council or in work, I recommend you pick up Carma's book and take heed of her 'feel the fear because it could make you a better speaker" ethos.

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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