Supercharged Food Eat Your Way to Health

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I love this book. I have been on a journey to eating clean and eliminating wheat and limiting dairy. I love food and I refuse to give up taste for healthy versions of dishes. It sounds great, but when it comes down to actually cooking and putting things together, that's when things get tricky. Figuring out substitutes, and reinventing recipes is time consuming and hard. It is full of trial and errors, and can be quite discouraging at times. Having a number of healthy recipes already set out for you is great! She uses the ingridients that you already have in your pantry. Nothing too fancy that you have to order online. Yes, there are a few extra ingridients that regular folk may not have, but if you are already on a path to healthy eating you have either heard of them or you already have them - coconut oil, cocnut milk, almond meal, etc.
Definitely would recomend it to anyone who is looking to eat healthier wholesome meals without giving up the delicious taste!

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