Susan Andersen – Sisterhood Diaries 1 – Cutting Loose

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This the first book in the Sisterhood Diaries series by Susan Andersen and she didn't disappoint. I loved Devlin Kavanaugh from the first moment that Jane laid eyes on him, and no not just because he had red hair (I am a sucker for red hair), but because he came from a large family. I could connect with him and truly understand his need to be away. He was exactly who and what Jane needed. They were so very hot together. ***Get your coat*** S'all I'm Say'n. Jane was along with all of the girls was so amazingly written. I wanted to bash her parent's heads together for her. The girls though even with how much I love reading about the HEA are my favorite part of the book. They have such an easy loving flow between them that I honestly envy. I wish I had friends like them. I found this to an incredibly delightful book so much so that it earned a permanent spot my bookshelf so I can go back and reread whenever I need a good giggle. And if the sneak peak in this book gives you any clue on how great the second one is going to be well I better make room for two books on my bookshelf.

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