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I received an early copy of this book mysteriously in the mail. I read it in one sitting. Okay, two. I have a small bladder.
When I was finished, I messaged the author to let her know how much I loved this book. Then I ripped out all the pages that had the number three in the page number. Page 3. Page 13. Page 23. Page 33 (my fave). Page 43. Page 53. Page 63. Page 73 and so on and so forth.
Once I had all the pages successfully torn out of the book, I proceeded to write on each of the pages in blood-red sharpie. For example, on page three I wrote "This is how many months we were together, you jerk!"
And on page 13 I wrote, "This is how many times we fought!"
And on page 23 I wrote, "This is how many times you held my hand!"
And on page 33 I wrote, "This is how many consecutive days I cried after you broke up with me!"
Once I had successfully written something on each page I had ripped out of the book, I stapled them all together and mailed them to my ex-boyfriend.
I was arrested a week later, but I don't think that had anything to do with this book. I'm still giving this book five stars because it was really good.

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